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Welcome To Rain Embellished! On a rainy day get cozy and read a book...I like to enjoy the book while also taking in the sheer beauty of the rain. This blog expresses (atleast I hope it does) my love for those wonderful wonderful books out there and that beautiful and stricking rain.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Showers? More like Spring Hail

Spring is finally here. The season I wait for just to experience the beautiful and mystical showers.But where is this beautiful rain? Is it even spring? Definitely doesn't feel like it down here in Edmonton. In fact rather then haivng the soft and lovely showers we're having ever-changing and totally unexpected SNOW! That's right snow in spring. I'm pretty sure we all know the cause of this sudden change in the weather, and why its snowing in spring. But my question is, will the showers ever COME? And since April showers didn't come, does that mean there will be no May flowers?

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